Buy goods now ,expect to ship in two weeks.SX Core & SX Lite Review and Test Samples are Underway!

Finally, after a long and unexpected delay due to Coronavirus we shipped today all samples of both SX Core & SX Lite!
  • SX Core is compatible with all Switch regular models, whether they are Mariko, patched or unpatched.
  • SX Lite is for all Switch Lite.
  • All firmwares are supported for both regular and lite versions.
  • SX OS license is included with both models.

If you are one of the approved reviewers, you will receive your tracking number tomorrow so you can follow your parcel. Expect delivery end of this week or early next.

As we indicated before, both products require soldering. With the help of that large panel of reviewers, we will finetune installation diagrams, correct any bug they might encounter so you have a great experience with our product from day 1.

We are proud of the hard work behind these products and we also can't wait to ship to retailers so all Team Xecuter supporters can enjoy a fully unlocked Switch regardless of the model they have.

If you can solder, we recommend placing your preorder now as demand will be massive (but don't worry, just for May we have already large stocks ready to ship).

If you are not comfortable with soldering, please wait for a installer near you to receive stocks so he can install it for you. Installers will also offer pre-installed consoles so you have all ready at once if you do not own a Switch yet.

Expect lots of reviews and feedback in the coming days from the test team.
Until then, stay safe and get ready to enjoy!

News:According to the latest news from the team-xecuter official website, sx core / lite expect to delivery end of this week or early next week is sent to the dealer. 
But the delivery time is uncertain. After we receive the goods, we will ship sx core/lite, according to the order and process it for you as soon as possible. 
Please wait patiently.

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